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Bees can be a dangerous pest for both home and business owners. Even more so to people who are allergic. If you’ve discovered a bee or wasp nest in or near your property give us a call today.

Bees will attack if you approach their hive or nest and if they feel threatened. We’ve listened to customers who tried to eradicate bees near their property using a broom or other item around the house. This is not advised as you can irritate the bees which will make them become aggressive, attacking any chance they get.

Wasps often build their nests on the side of a home, under an eave, or anywhere else they choose. Wasps are active during the day so it’s not advised to attempt to take care of a wasp nest during the day hours. Wait until dusk or night time to attempt this; it’s much safer.

If you’ve noticed a lot of Perris bees or wasps around your property don’t risk getting stung and call us right away instead. Perris bees can be eradicated by our professional bee removal experts and we take every measure to ensure you and your family’s safety during the removal process.

Removing nests and hives is important when eradicating Perris bees. If you leave their shelter behind they are more likely to return, leaving you to face them yet again. Save your money by calling our Perris bee removal techs at (951) 335-4814 today to protect your family!

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