Perris Fleas

We get several calls regarding treatment for fleas. Most of our customers already went through many in-store products only to be unsuccessful in complete flea removal which is why they turned to us.

perris fleas

Protect your pets and loved ones from fleas; call us today!

Perris fleas stand no chance against our flea removal experts. We use the latest and safest treatment to get rid of fleas in your home or business.

Fleas often invade our property through our pets. Many people will first discover fleas on their pets before realizing their home has become infested. If you have found that you cannot sit down without getting attacked by fleas it’s time to call our flea exterminators!

Fleas feed on warm blooded animals and humans. They can easily get in your carpet and lay eggs, creating an even larger infestation if not treated right away. Prevention is the best route to take to protect against fleas and especially if you have pets. Always ensure they are protected from fleas by means of a flea collar or regular treatment.

It can be hard to treat and completely remove Perris fleas on your own. Don’t waste your time and money and give us a call at (951) 335-4814 instead.

Perris Ant Removal

Perris ant removal

Tired of killing ant after ant? Call our Perris ant removal team today!

Ants can be a pain and invade properties very quickly. What started out as a few ants here and there can quickly turn in to ants everywhere! Many of our customers will opt for in-store treatments before calling us and we understand it often seems like the “affordable” thing to do.

However, if you aren’t sure what kind of ant you’re dealing with, just any in-store product might not completely eradicate the ants. Calling our Perris ant removal experts at the first sign of an ant invasion could actually save you a lot of money. Repeat treatments might be required with store products, costing you more than one treatment from us would cost.

Some ants can cause damage to your structure but most of the calls we receive regarding ant problems are harmless ants. Those that prefer to invade your home in search of sweet stuff; sugar ants. Don’t get frustrated trying to kill the ants in your home; give our Perris ant removal experts a call at (951) 335-4814 right now to schedule an appointment.

Perris Cockroach Removal

Many times our customers are embarrassed to discuss their cockroach infestation with us and we understand but we also know that you aren’t always to blame for the infestation. Many times they come from nearby homes or buildings that were infested and became abandoned, therefore the roaches had to go elsewhere in search of food and water. Your home just happened to be the nearest source.

perris cockroach

Don’t let these unsanitary pests take over your home; call us right away!

When you treat a cockroach problem right away the chances of complete eradication are higher. When a Perris cockroach problem continues for a longer time period before treatment is sought, it can make the process more tedious and take a little longer to completely remove them.

Taking care of a Perris cockroach invasion on your home could become costly after some time. What many people don’t realize is that it takes more than treatment to ensure cockroaches don’t return.

The areas in which they entered your home need to be addressed and fixed properly so they don’t come back. Not to mention any cluttered areas containing cardboard or paper is a magnet for cockroaches. Be sure to eradicate any excess trash, paper, or other items that might encourage cockroaches to invade your property.

The cockroaches we have dealt with in Perris are typically german cockroaches and water bugs. Water bugs are typically found in the bathroom or under sinks around pipes. German cockroaches can quickly take over a kitchen, contaminating every surface and item it encounters. Putting your own family at greater risk of getting one of their many diseases which can make you really sick.

Don’t suffer through another day of a Perris cockroach infestation. Call our Perris cockroach experts at (951) 335-4814 today to remove them for you so you can get back to enjoying your home; peacefully.


Perris Bees, Wasps, & Hornets

perris bees

Call our bee removal experts today!

Bees can be a dangerous pest for both home and business owners. Even more so to people who are allergic. If you’ve discovered a bee or wasp nest in or near your property give us a call today.

Bees will attack if you approach their hive or nest and if they feel threatened. We’ve listened to customers who tried to eradicate bees near their property using a broom or other item around the house. This is not advised as you can irritate the bees which will make them become aggressive, attacking any chance they get.

Wasps often build their nests on the side of a home, under an eave, or anywhere else they choose. Wasps are active during the day so it’s not advised to attempt to take care of a wasp nest during the day hours. Wait until dusk or night time to attempt this; it’s much safer.

If you’ve noticed a lot of Perris bees or wasps around your property don’t risk getting stung and call us right away instead. Perris bees can be eradicated by our professional bee removal experts and we take every measure to ensure you and your family’s safety during the removal process.

Removing nests and hives is important when eradicating Perris bees. If you leave their shelter behind they are more likely to return, leaving you to face them yet again. Save your money by calling our Perris bee removal techs at (951) 335-4814 today to protect your family!

Perris Rodent Control

Perris rodent control

Don’t deal with unsanitary rodents crawling around your home; let us handle it!

We have yet to meet a single person who doesn’t mind having rodents take over their property. Rats and mice can cause a lot of damage to a property chewing through just about anything. That’s often how they find their way into a business or home; chewing through a present opening or crack on the exterior of your property.

We receive numerous calls of people with rodents in their attic. They will hear the mice chewing and scratching at night which is one of the most common ways to discover a rodent problem. Another way is by noticing droppings throughout your home or in certain areas such as under cabinets, sinks and appliances.

Depending on how long the rodents have gone unnoticed the rodents can be eradicated rather quickly. Our Perris rodent control experts will help you determine where the rodents gained entry and block the entry points so they cannot return.

Rodents can create large families in a quick manner which is why it’s important to take action at the first sign of a rodent problem. Let our Perris rodent control techs come help you today. We can determine the type of rodent in your home and devise a plan to effectively eradicate them. Call (951) 335-4814 today for a free estimate!

Perris Spider Removal – Black Widow and Brown Recluse

perris spider removal

Let our Perris spider removal techs help you today!

We’ve been responding to a number of calls recently for Perris spiders. These calls usually stem from a variety of reasons, all of which we’re more than happy to help with.

We know that many of you hate finding any spiders in your home. If this describes you, then we’d like to help. To do this, we must get rid of your current spiders, as well as exterminate other bugs. This is because the spiders go where the bugs are. If you get rid of the bugs, then the spiders have no reason to stick around.

Perris Black Widow Extermination

You’ve likely seen a video or picture of a black widow before. Its body is shiny black with a red hourglass on its underside. There are three different widow species found in Perris, California and the surrounding areas. These are the western black widow, the northern black widow, and the brown widow. We’ve found Perris black widows in houses, barns, basements, sheds and woodpiles. The black widow is very poisonous and is quite common. It is recommended that you always wear gloves when reaching into any area that you cannot see where your hand will be.

Whether you want to get rid of non-poisonous, or poisonous, spiders our Perris spider removal experts can assist you. We will not only get rid of your existing spider problem, but we’ll protect your family and pets from future spiders. Just give us a call at (951) 335-4814 today and we’ll send out our Perris spider removal experts.

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