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Bed bugs are a nuisance and the number of bed bug cases we’ve dealt with the past several months seems to be increasing. Why? There could be numerous reasons but the more prominent causes are most likely an increase in travel among people and the exchanging of used furniture through online websites and second-hand stores.


Bed bugs are small and hard to detect if you aren’t actually look for them. This is why it’s easy to give someone else bed bugs you had and didn’t realize you had, or a way to receive bed bugs without knowing. That is, of course, until you are bitten or happen to see signs of bed bugs or actually notice them.


Always check your bed frame, mattress, headboard/footboard, and any areas around your bed. Including your bedding, behind outlet covers, in/under nightstands, etc. They are often hiding until you go to bed. This is when they come out to feed on you, hence their name.


Bed bugs can be tedious to remove and shouldn’t be done on your own. You will be frustrated and lose money. Instead, call Quality Perris Pest Control. Our Perris bed bug control exterminators will come treat your home for bed bugs and inform you of any action needed on your part prior to treatment.


Call (951) 335-4814 today to learn about our bed bug control services and to set up an appointment. We use only the latest and safest bed bug control treatments so you can be rest assured you and your pets are safe!

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